How to Transform Your Church's Lighting

(Without Spending Tons of Money)

Like Most Church Tech People:

  • You Want to Create Great Lighting, But You Run Out of Time or Ideas
  • You Struggle to Get Volunteers to Playback the Lighting You've Created Without Flaw
  • You Just Want it All to Work Together

Creating Great Lighting Isn't Always Easy, Especially When You Are On Your Own.

​You're not sure what lights you need, or if you're using what you have in the most efficient way.  You want to crank your lighting up to the next level, but you're not sure what the right step is.

I remember when I first began lighting for my church.  We had a bunch of lights, but no real clue how to use them!​

“I remember when I first began lighting for my church. We had a bunch of lights, but no real clue how to use them!​”

After a year or two, we began to get some outside help to work on our lighting.

First, someone came in to teach us how to use our console.  Then, we solicited advice from a lighting designer who was a member of our church.​

The difference was astounding.  You would not have known it was the same lighting rig!​

Thankfully, you don't have to pay to bring someone in or find a lighting designer in your midst in order to transform your lighting.​

The Foundations of Church Lighting Contains Everything You Need to Make Great Lighting for Your Church:

Get Your Lights Right

The first way to ensure great lighting is to get the right lights in the right places (at the right time!)

Combine that ​with the right ways to program your console, and you will win!

Get Your Design Right

By using some simple design principles, you will  blow your mind with how good your lighting looks.

And you don't have to be creative to do it!​

Make it All Work Together

Sometimes, DMX can be your worst enemy.

Once you watch the videos in the Foundations of Church Lighting, you're going to make it all work together.

What You’ll Get...

The Foundations of Church Lighting Contains Over 3 Hours of Video, Showing You Every Step to Great Church Lighting:

I'll Teach You Everything that You Need to Know:

Inside of the Foundations of Church Lighting, we'll spend a few hours together while I teach you how to make great church lighting.

I'll show you how to use what you already have​ to create a great service.  You'll learn where to place your lights and how to program and design them effectively.

Then you'll learn ​how to wire it all up and make sure you have enough power for your lights - it's all covered inside via our course website!

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